Smart Rooms

The patient experience in healthcare is going digital of which Touchless Patient Experience and Sticky Excercises App have shown. Touchless Industries believes that in order to better engage and educate patients, innovation should already start in the hospital room itself. Introducing a connected healthcare system starting at the patient room will not only give more transparent and easy accessible information to healthcare professionals, that will inform them to provide help earlier, but also increase the quality of healthcare for the patient in a sustainable way throughout his or her patient journey.
Touchless Smart Rooms
The integrated platform that has been developed by Touchless, includes various technologies such as NFC, QR ánd AR giving hospitals and recovery centers the flexibility to turn their existing equipment into a smart equipment using the technology they see fit.

“At this moment, hospitals in Europe, Americas and Asia are not fully IT savvy yet simply because the main focus of a Hospital is to provide healthcare service. The result is that IT strategic decisions that aren’t always aligned. We also see that large healthcare equipment manufacturers protect their market position by developing instruments that are not able to communicate with other hardware which is also a cause for an overcomplicated IT package used per hospital.” Trung Tran, CEO and founder of Touchless Industries highlights after visiting multiple hospitals globally. “The result is that hospitals spend too much on new equipment, that aren’t integrated and lead to more non value added administrative work for healthcare professionals, less transparent internal patient information and slows down radical innovation. We just felt the urge to change that”, Trung adds.

“Our vision is that every Hospital should have the ability to keep all their systems and corresponding data within one place, without investing in engineering. Instead, every physical object should be able to easily become ‘’smart’’ while being connected with each other”, Vikesh co-founder of Touchless Industries comments.

“We think we have done a great job in this. For the past 4 years we have been developing a solution that has the ability to do this”.

How does Touchless Smart Rooms work?

A hospital room is filled with all kinds of equipment, new and old. Some equipment don’t have the possibility to be connected to the internet whereas others do. Such as breathing equipment that needs to be used by a patient, or measurement equipment for a healthcare professional. Different reasons can be thought of why we would like to connect this equipment to the internet. Sometimes it is related to patient education, whereas other times healthcare professionals need to complete trainings. With our product, you simply place the sticker on the equipment that you want to connect to the internet. Via our platform you can select to display a video, instructions or any other form of media.

The advantage, process to set up this will take only 5-10 minutes. “In the old-fashioned way, cables or a wifi connector needed to be installed and set up before it could be used. This would not only take a lot of time up, but is also very expensive for the hospital. We are able to do this within 10 minutes”

After the installation, it is basically very simple for a patient to use. By simply scanning or tapping a sticker you can start reading the manual or watch the video.

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